Wednesday, 13 November 2013

12 Viral Vine Videos 2013 You Might Want to Watch

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It 12 Viral Vine videos discovered by Social Kingdom. If you have not heard or watch one of the hilarious vine videos, You are not going to miss these !

Have you heard about Vine videos? A social networking gaining popularity through funny and hilarious videos post by everyone. It is Vine and launched by Twitter. A video sharing application designed for 6 seconds video and can be viewed on Twitter platform.

1. Failed prank - Your Dog reaction on the scariest prank game . If you know what I mean ! there is a guy smash it computer screen after got too terrified not to mention he pee on his pant too.

2. Asian reaction at a club twerking by hot girls

3. His reaction toward Miley .C twerking

4. (I don care) That is not the correct way playing it

5. (Cookie Monster) When the counter lady asked me about Cookie ??

6. (McDonald Turn me On) I cant stop laughing this one . Bla la bap bap ba~

7. (Nailed it - Liane V) I LIKE Rihanna so much ! and I want to be like her in that music video

8.(Dramatic music - Kingbach) Imagine at the toilet without toilet papers. What you do ? Find a toilet with bidet !

9.(You always remember at the weirdest time - Thomas Sanders) Don shout at Library please !

10. (Daddy problems - Bottlerocket) Every little girl is asking the same question when her idol influencing them so much.

11. (How to wake up your dog - Curtis Lepore) I see what you doing ! Turn on highest volume of your smartphone and play cat sound. 

12. (She is so hood - miikeyTV) Did grandmother is on youtube? Did she just said that? Yes Indeed, she did said that on your face.

Social Kingdom comments about Viral Vine Videos
I was blogging about memes however, I found out hey why don blog about vine yet I don really know what is vine about. After few searching on google, Vine is a social network app allow people to share short video clips only last for 6 seconds.. All I have found were funny videos ...It awesome though!

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